Why Meta Description is Important in SEO?

What is Meta Description?

Why Meta Description is Important in SEO? A meta description is a small paragraph that appears under your website SERP ( Search Engine Results Page ) which includes information about your page or posts. It is made to provide the users with a brief description of the content on your page so that users get to know if the page is providing information that the user is searching for.

The search engine shows the meta description on the search result page when the user searched phrase is included in the description. In the above image, you can see the word “Content Marketing Companies” is in bold because the word was searched for the query.

How long is Meta Description?

The meta description can be any length, but if we see as per Google, the meta description length should be about 150 to 156 characters. It’s better to keep the meta descriptions long enough between 50 to 150 characters so that they could be descriptive to the users on SERP.

The meta description should be written in a way to explain to the reader, but in a way that it looks attractive for users to click on it.

Meta Description In Social Media

The meta description is also shown in social media when a user shares their website content on social media. This is also an additional way of marketing to convince users to view or click your post.

Where Meta Description Tag is Added?

In HTML, a meta description is like this:

If you use a management system like WordPress, you can add meta descriptions, title tags, and more without any HTML codes. Plugins like Yoast SEO, Rank Math are available to make the task easy to add meta descriptions and more settings to your posts and pages.

What Work Does Meta Description Do?

The main purpose of meta description is to generate users from SERPs and social media to click the link of the page and to attract and generate traffic. You can write a meta description for your page. So many results are popular on Google, the meta description is small but is valuable for your page, it allows users to explain what the page is offering.

Why Google Not Use Your Meta Description

Why Meta Description is Important in SEO

Search Engines Like Google rewrite the meta description of pages or posts, which displays different words in Google SERP from what you mentioned in your meta description. It is Not a Daily changing thing, but it is usually done by Google when Google thinks the Meta Description is Not Answering the User’s Query and uses some text from the same page that Google Believes is more accurate and engaging to users and the search.

Sometimes this can become frustrating work when you spent your time writing meta descriptions for your pages. To AVoid this, you can leave the meat description on search engines sometimes. But Writing your meta description is far better than letting Google decide the meta description.

How To Write Better Meta Descriptions?

The best way to write better meta descriptions is:

  1. Use High Volume, targeted keywords in your meta descriptions
  2. Make sure they are relevant to the content on your page. Never use the same meta description on whole site pages.
  3. Try to write benefits of your topic
  4. Write in a way that gets them value and emotions to click on the page.
  5. Make Sure your meta description isn’t long from the SERP preview.

A powerful meta description has the power to raise the click-through rate of your organic search result. This means people who see your page in the search result will click and land on your page. That means more traffic on your site.


The meta description is an important part of every page on the website and optimizing the meta description is an important aspect of on-page SEO. It does not work Google Keyword Ranking, but it is a bridge to the users. I hope this article can provide you with the knowledge about the meta description and then you will apply this to your articles, to have the best meta description.

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